Integrated Combative Arts Training (iCAT) is dedicated to providing the very best RMA (Reality Martial Arts) training available anywhere in the world. Integrated Combative Arts Training was founded by 2 of the worlds leading experts in the field of reality martial arts and self defense. iCAT was founded by Rich Ryan and Walt Lysak Jr. and have been featured in many of the World's leading martial arts media outlets and events.

Totality Promotes Reality

ICAT employs the most effective techniques from multiple disciplines like MMA, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, and Kali to give our students the most complete and effective Self Defense training anywhere!  Of course there are profound differences between sport based martial arts and street fighting.  We teach not only how to fight, but also how to avoid a fight using confrontation management skills.

What is Reality Martial Arts

  • RMA is a Reality Based Adult Self Defense for the real World
  • RMA contains everything they do in MMA and everything they aren't allowed to do that is effective for the street.
  • RMA goes beyond just simplistic self-defense courses.
  • RMA is a personal protection-oriented progressive art form
  • RMA is like MMA minus the 4 R's:
    • Rings
    • Refs
    • Rules
    • Rounds

What is iCAT?

iCAT RMA is the most comprehensive, complete, state-of-the-art reality-based martial arts training program in the world today.

  • Primarily an adult-oriented Reality Martial Arts program (future programs will include kids programs and tactical programs)
  • iCAT RMA is a hybrid of Integrated concepts, methodologies, techniques, tactics and strategies from two systems:
  • Richard Ryan’s DCM – The Dynamic Combat Method™ and Walt Lysak’s SENTO Method™